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About Me
Abdul, Nasir, Quraishi,, photographer, editorial, stock, product, aviation

Having started my working life as a computer programmer, I somehow ended up in the cut throat world of IT Sales.

As lucrative as it was financially, it was never intellectually or creatively fulfilling. 


Having worked 16 years in this system, as soon as my debts were paid off, it was time to focus on what I enjoyed rather than to continually chase money.


My name is Abdul Nasir Quraishi but I am better known as "Abs”.


I live in the small village of Burnham in the County of Buckinghamshire and cover all manner of photography with interest in Still Life, Products, Aviation and Stock Photography.

I consider myself to be extremely passionate, excitable and emotional person and view photography as an art which allows me to be expressive and capture moments that I aim to make, thought provoking.


To me, a great image needs to not just be stunning and beautiful, but to convey a story.  It needs to be forceful enough to receive a touching and meaningful response.

Being an obsessive-compulsive person, like most things in my life which I keep simplified, I  always aim to produce images that draw attention to the subject with minimum clutter and distractions.


I have this overwhelming urge for positive responses and this creates the pressure that I put on myself for perfection. 

Considering that art is subjective, my aim is always to understand exactly what my client wants and then provide them with something extra.


If you wish to consider me for any of your photography, please cal me on 07956 180374, or if you wish, please send the completed form below


Looking forward to hearing from you.

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