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Why I love Low Key Photography

Low key photography, (basically, the use of black backgrounds), is not something I ever set out to do, but it just happened one day, totally out of a mistake.

I went out for a pro bono Charity photoshoot at a Rabbit Rescue Centre (, and instead of taking a white or coloured backdrop, I only had a black popup and black backdrop sheet which had never been used, and had sat at the bottom of my soft case folded several times as a cushion for my light stand and flash light.

I had no option but to set it up and hope for the best.

Like most working professionals, I had to be mindful that although I wasn't being paid, I had to very quickly make work, the tools available to me. The charity had organised an event to generate money and the donors were expecting to have a photo of them with their favourite bunny..

I therefore, placed the large black popup behind a table and chair, and then draped the black cloth over the table, positioned two of the volunteers with a Rabbit on the table, and fired my first shot with a flash through a large umbrella.

The picture you see here, was my test shot and I never looked back!

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